A Girl from Virginia

Once upon the exact same time as the boy from Nebraska, the exact same long time ago, there was a hippy girl from Virginia. She too had dreams of seeing the world.  Her dreams took her to college where she completed a degree in photography, seeking a career that would take her to far away places.  Her dreams came true when she landed a much sought after position as a photographer for the organization she loved.  There she traveled the world, learned to scuba dive and also worked underwater, fell in love, married, had one daughter, and all was as it was supposed to be, a dream come true, except it wasn’t.

Follow this epic tale of finding love over 50, based on a true story. The story is ongoing so the end is TBD. Follow, comment, and provide support to the main character as she finds herself in love all over again in her 50s, this time with her boss. Updates will be posted every Friday at 5:00.

Next week: Life Gets Hard

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