In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was awkwardness.  Their first exposure to each other was intense.  Three weeks in Panama, working very closely on fixing a mess. She texts her family, “Its like traveling with Kronk from the Emperor’s New Groove”. They had long days and late dinners.  It seems you can’t get a quick meal in Panama, it takes hours.  She started having a beer with each dinner.  It was like mandatory speed dating. Those things you don’t talk about, they talked about. Politics, religion, not sex though, that came later.  He’s conservative and Christian.  Nice solid barrier there, she thinks, because she is liberal and atheist.  They are the same age, off by one month, he the elder.  She got very drunk on two drinks the first night and tells him about how she got her last boss fired. He seemed to take it okay, she hoped. Very awkward. Then while they were working, he started playing the music they both grew up with. And that is when he first turned her head.  “Who IS this guy?” she thought…

The mess they were fixing was huge and shocking. He rolled up his sleeves and dug in with her to get it done. He didn’t get angry about the situation, He focused on solving it instead. And he made her laugh. She hadn’t really laughed much for many years and forgot how good it felt. 

On their last night, and they stayed two days longer than scheduled, on their last night he took her to the Italian restaurant they had been to earlier to try to get tres leches, a dessert that she wanted to try but no one seemed to have and he knew because they shared desserts almost every night. She remembers to this day how he brushed her arm in the airport on the way home and he remembers what she had to drink. 

 Follow this epic tale of finding love over 50, based on a true story. The story is ongoing so the end is TBD. Follow, comment, and provide support to the main character as she finds herself in love all over again in her 50s, this time with her boss. Updates will be posted every Friday at 5:00. 

Next week: He was the Opposite


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