Its been a while…

Mostly its been more of the same…roller coaster ride…up, then down, then up, etc…though it all has been at a closer level. Not sure what the difference really is, just a feeling I suppose.  I only have a few quick updates below:

My daughter visited and I made a point to say she wanted to come in to say hi to him. He seemed pleased. We went to the gym then met him and did food trucks and ate in the conference room. It was very pleasant! They bonded over making fun of me which is fine. He must have enjoyed her because he invited us to see Black Panther with him. My daughter sat in the middle by accident but that worked out fine because she said we were both making the same comments to her at the same time, LOL!

Its all serious at work right now. Problems with scheduling is stressing us both out. Meanwhile, I moved and he spent the day with me to help pick up my antique table and chairs. In the end it would have cost the same to have them delivered but I wouldn’t have spent a Sunday with him. Selfish me! But he seemed to enjoy himself, just tooling around town, helping me out.

I have not been running in a while because of foot issues. The pool is making me sick so I can’t swim, only bike. I have been dreaming of an epic bike trip. My friend and her husband will go on a bike camping trip with me in June to practice, yay! I want to bike across the USA when I retire. That is my goal. I can’t seem to think of anything else that excites me. I try to image myself living in Maine or on the west coast, but its all by myself so I just draw a blank. I can’t make plans. This is something I can plan. I will do it alone if I have to.

I start talking about it to him today. He says that is something he has always wanted to do. Then he says he can’t do it because of his ankle problems. I say, then you’ll have to get it fixed. He smiles and nods.  Did I invite him to join me? Not really but I said what a great thing to do after retirement, put it all in storage and just go and he agreed then said again about his ankle and I said again, then you will just have to get it fixed. So was that sort of an invitation for him to join me? 40 miles a day is very doable, he agreed. I would feel so much safer with him along. He would feel safer with me too. We plan complex trips together all the time at work. We know each other. We are comfortable together. It would be amazing. I am dreaming. Anyways, I will forge on with my plans to do it alone and if he starts joining me in my planning, then I am good with that.