My Birthday and a non date

It was a Friday at 5:00 and he said he wanted to see a movie. He didn’t ask me to join him, btw, but said he was thinking about going to a movie, many times.  So I invited myself and he agreed.  He said he was going to get dinner first, so if I was going for a run, I could meet him at the movie.  There was no time to run so I said would join him for dinner at Quiznos.  Fine, he said, Lets get the tickets first. We walked to the theater and the movie we wanted to see was not playing there. Now we were stuck.  Well, he said.  I said we could see it another time.  I wanted to take you to the movie for your birthday, he said, you had a rough day and I wanted to cheer you up.  Oh, I said. Hmmm. I guess that’s it, he said and looked at me with this worried look, like I should do something. What a dork! I waiting for him to take the lead, this was his idea, but he failed.  Finally, after standing there for I don’t know how long, I said we could still get dinner.  Okay, he said, where? So we stood there for I dont l know how long figuring out where to go for dinner. Finally we decided and ended up having a very nice dinner of pizza and beer.  Whew!  Why was that was so difficult? He seemed very uncomfortable until I got a beer in him.  It was like he wanted to do this but didn’t know how.  That was our one and only non date.  Doing that now doesn’t even seem like an option.  I don’t understand why.

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